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  • Contriveroffraud[RahRahChan] says:
  • Hit my funny bone, ooow
  • xD
  •               Red Mist         says:
  • ...................
  • I read that as
  • hit my funny boner...
  • I was like the fuck?
  • Contriveroffraud[RahRahChan] says:
  • xDDDDasdfghjghfgdfesrtdyfhgkhjghgfd
  •               Red Mist         says:
  • xDD
  • Then I re-read it
  • and thought it was hit my boner funny
  • xDD
  • Then I read it AGAIN
  • and was all oh...
  • well...
  • xD
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"DEFINITELY ‘dear god, I have Mjolnir in my pants.’ Not just a hammer, but the hammer of Thor. Like…it’s like embarrassing. You have to leave the room. In fact, you probably can’t leave the room ‘cause your boner is so big that gravity is gonna weigh you down and you’ll fall over trying to cross the room. It’s like that kind of boner. You’re gonna fall over. It’ll unbalance…like, we’ll go back to being apes. You know what I mean? Because it’s impossible to stand, the boner is so big.’"
— Tom Hiddleston, replying to the question “on the fanboy boner scale, would you call [Thor] a half-mast, a full-tilt, or dear-god-I-have-a-hammer-in-my-pants?” (via therothwoman)
Whenever I hear The Grid, I always say in my head -



Space… the Final Frontier…


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I don’t care if you want to talk about your day, your past, your fears for the future, or your favorite television show. If you need to talk, I’m here to listen. I love you all, so much. And there are no words to describe how thankful I am to have each and every one of you in my life. I don’t want any of you to ever feel alone… Because you’re not. I’ll always be here.

When I hear my favourite celebrity’s name

funny pictures

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When you realize that you automatically capitalize the word ‘Doctor’.







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Let us talk all through the night. There’s no need to rush.



Aw, hell naw, I wanna get laid, boy.

In all seriousness: I just really, really hate the idea that having mind-blowing, bed-breaking sex and having meaningful conversations are mutually exclusive. They’re not. They shouldn’t be. And it seems to me that the renewed interest in chastity (Purity rings! Twilight! Saving yourself for marriage! Remaining ignorant about sex!) came about as a reaction to the overtly sexual messages we see in the media. “These women are taking their clothes and banging dudes left and right off so fuck you, society, we’re gonna do the complete opposite of that!”

But this is hardly the solution because we’re still teaching women that their sexuality are what makes them valuable; it’s just being presented in a different package. And this isn’t making any sense and I’m taking the lyrics out of context


With other pairings I’m like “Oh, they had awesome chemistry in those couple of episodes in that one season!” and I look up a few fics and obsess briefly.

But then I’m like “Wait…they don’t have smoldering eyesex and inexplicably suggestive conversations in every single episode? Consistently through the entire run of the series? With no other canonical long-term romances to work around? The creator of the show doesn’t make up words like “t’hy’la” and say things like “we certainly had the feeling that the affection was sufficient for that, if that were the particular style of the 23rd century”? They weren’t canonically the most important people in each other’s lives for three decades? There are no huge sacrifices and epic quests to bring each other back from the dead? And when one of them finally does die, the other doesn’t carry their image in a locket with them at all times for