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And so Skithblathnir, most vaunted of the longships of Asgard, setsail across the cosmic seas with its cargo of enchanted uru hammers, All-Father’s ale and the greatest collection of Thors ever assembled. And yet… It would not be enough.
Thor: God of Thunder v1 #7

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tagged → #Thor #Marvel #Comic Books


Things I Miss In Comics: Peter Parker

what is loki without thor?


Deadpool + Unemployment + Debt


Journey Into Mystery #645

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I’m going to make this really simple for everyone.

Thor never abused Loki.

Thor is not an asshole.

Thor is not a jerk.

Thor is a well-rounded, talented young hero with flaws.

Loki was jealous of Thor for being older (and thus, the heir to the throne), for being big and strong and handsome and essentially the epitome of Aesir beauty. He was jealous that Thor excelled in combat (including strategy) and their people thought better of Thor’s areas of expertise than his own. 

Loki was also jealous that Thor had his own life. He had friends and hobbies and things he could do without Loki. He was his own person, and Loki envied and hated him for it. That is not a healthy mindset. As siblings, it’s healthy to have things and hobbies and friends that have nothing to do with the other. That Loki despised Thor’s growth as a normal boy, teenager, and man indicates the depth of his feelings for Thor, and the extent of his fear that one day Thor will leave him behind. Loki wanted Thor to be as dependent on Loki as he was on Thor, because Loki believed/believes himself to be nothing without Thor. Since he thought that Thor didn’t need him the way that he needs Thor, Loki relegated himself to the position of Thor’s shadow, dubbing himself as lesser. 

Now, before you start making obscene, erroneous statements, Thor does not, I repeat, does not believe that he is better than Loki. He loves Loki, and has stated in canon that his happiest moments were at Loki’s side. When it comes to his brawn versus Loki’s sorcery: he understands that they each have their own strengths. In moments of weakness, yes, Thor used to put those around him down (including Sif and the Warriors Three, his father, anyone really—it’s not just Loki) so he wouldn’t feel so insecure. But he, being the heir, bore and yet bears the brunt of all of their father’s expectations. Thor and Odin always had a rough relationship, butting heads on many matters. When one does something the other doesn’t agree with, their arguments explode into harsh words and, on Odin’s part, physical blows. This is something Loki could never understand, for Thor carried the burden for him since they were young. Whenever Loki did something wrong, he would escape with little to no punishment, mediocre compared to what was forced upon Thor. Only after he became a homocidal maniac did Odin take more desperate measures; and that’s only in some continuities of comic canon. Loki was not abused. Thor was.

Throughout their childhood, Loki got Thor into trouble more often than the reverse, and as the eldest, Thor was punished as the one responsible. This trend even follows in the film; Loki’s mistakes lead Thor to break the truce between Asgard and Jotunheim, but only Thor is banished. Even as their relationship has progressed into those of arch-enemies, Thor still can only see Loki as his brother. In Thor’s eyes, Loki will always, always, always be his brother. Even after he threatens all of humanity and the Nine Realms time and time again, Thor still forgives Loki and brings him back and gives him yet another chance to reform himself. Loki shamelessly takes advantage of this almost every time, and Thor just as often suffers for it.

Loki has some severe mental illnesses, but he was not abused. Thor was a typical big brother, except in that he tethers himself to Loki with a devotion and love that surpasses that of most siblings.

Thor is not the bad guy. And for good reason. Loki has made mistakes out of his own emotional conflict, but he feels little to no regret for them, and he refuses to give up the niche he’s made for himself. Thor only wants to uphold his duty, and protect those around him—while helping Loki. He’ll do whatever he can to meet the needs of his brother and his friends and those under his protection.

tdlr; You should really stop calling Thor an asshole and painting him as the villain in all of your half-baked meta and fic. It’s sickening.

SacAnime Cosplay Pictures!

A girl Link in the Green Uniform. :3

Lady Loki! I saw two of them, actually—I gave both of them hugs. Weirdly enough, I didn’t see any male Loki’s throughout two days.

How badass is this?! :D

Jack Frost cosplay. There were like 20 running around both days but I liked his costume the best.

Slenderman. Because I love Slenderman. 

This was one of the three Eleventh Doctor’s I saw. I also saw two Tenth Doctors—I gave all of them hugs. It was awesome. :3

Jack Sparrow. Because of reasons. <3


I saw so many Trolls. So. Many. So I took a picture of one of them for Adri. :3

Spiderman and Deadpool handcuffed together for Haya. c:

A Mad Hatter cutting off Plushie-Alice’s head. xD

Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I was shocked to see her! 

A lady Fire Temple Link. Her costume was so detailed~

And this guy, who dressed up as normal Peter Parker. He actually replicated Andrew Garfields clothes and everything—but not a lot of people could tell who he was. He had to put a sign on the back of his backpack that said, “I’M F***KING PETER PARKER”. I pointed at him and said “Peter Parker?” And he was delighted that I recognized him. I don’t know what his actual name was but he was a cool dude and we chatted for a while. c:

Shiek, Possessed Zelda, Dark Link and Normal Link. I saw them standing together so I had to get a picture of all of them together. :3

And lastly, Korra from The Legend of Korra.


Favourite Comic Characters | Emma Frost // White Queen

“I’ve had quite enough of these painful emotions. I have no telepathic powers in diamond form. And no empathy, no compassion, just a cruel sense of humor and a cold, hard heart.”

Comic-verse Lady Loki.

Comic-verse Lady Loki.

We have all been blessed with a second chance, I as much as any of you. But what good is that second chance if we do not live up to it?