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How would you like people to remember Cory?

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Aww, well that was unexpected. The person who sounded insensitive about people grieving Cory’s passing just apologized privately to me. Now we’re discussing it like adults instead of him jumping to argue with me.

That is refreshing.


A lot of people just froze, and yeah, you can tell absolute strangers that they’re overreacting because they’ve never met this guy- but that’s not the point. The point is that when this show came out, a lot of us were struggling kids who fell in love with a tall boyish football player who was able to put popularity aside for something he secretly loved. 

And though some of us didn’t continue on with the show, it still meant a lot to us. Maybe because of the confidence or creativity it inspired or the bravery it gave us or maybe even because of the memories that were made because of it.

Personally, I have a very distinct memory of sitting in the passenger’s seat of my best friend’s car and screaming his music at the top of our lungs and talking about how absolutely adorable he was and how Wendigo’s should be afraid of his singing voice. And it was a good memory. We were happy. 

And even if he made you happy for just a second, just a fleeting moment where you laughed at a picture, or a commercial, or listened to a song by him- well, it fucking hurts. And you’re allowed to hurt. 

Don’t let people tell you you’re not.

King Finn Hudson will live on. 

Rest in Peace Cory, and thank you. 


I snickered so hard watching this. My roommate rolled her eyes at me XD

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Summary of all the shows
  • Glee: Gay. Gay. Gay. SONG. Gay. Gay. Gay. SINGING. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay.
  • Supernatural: Gay. Gay. Religious stuff. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay.
  • Sherlock: Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Madcool detective skills. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay.
  • Merlin: Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. MEDIEVAL STUFF. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay.
  • Doctor Who: DOO EEE OOOOH
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will you’re a pedo

Look at his face, what even.


Klaine skit (July 2011) & Klaine scene (November 2011)

I would also like to point out that Kurt is pretty much wearing the same thing. 

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Track Title: Too Late to Dream

Artist: IGNYTE

Album: Too Late to Dream




Too Late to Dream (One Republic/Teenage Dream [Glee Version] mash-up)

Be there any form of download for this? Please?!